Catherine Nagawa leaves NBS for new television one month after the sextape scare.


Catherine Nagawa, a well-known dancer and YouTube content creator, has left Naguru-based NBS Television for a new position at the newly established TM-TV.

Catherine Nagawa’s name has dominated headlines for nearly a month now. Following allegations that she appeared in a sextape with her lover.

The s@xtape was later deemed fake after Nagawa stated that “everything circulating on the media is Fake”. Emphatically denying being the lady in the video that went viral on social media.

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Since the incident, Nagawa has not appeared on the ‘Katch Up’ show on a regular basis, causing her fans to believe she was fired from NBS TV.

However, Nagawa joined the newly founded TM-TV on Monday to host a gossip show called Palapase with renowned social media blogger Ray Supasta.

She was included on TM-official TV’s artwork, which is located in Kizungu, Masaka City. Former NTV journalist Justine Nameere is said to be the owner.

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Nagawa, best of luck in your new role!

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