Emmanuel Lwasa Promises Free tents and sound At Cindy Sanyu’s Kwanjula and Wedding.

Cindy Sanyu Muyonjo and her husband Prynce Okuyo Joel Atiku celebrated their first wedding meeting in Lwasa gardens in Masaka over the weekend.

Cindy Sanyu thrilled the visitors by performing some of her songs and having a lot of fun throughout the conference.

The Masaka city billionaire promised free gigantic tents worth Shs6.5 million, a sound system worth Shs4 million. And a generator for the celebrations after hosting their first introduction and wedding meetings at Lwasa’s gardens.

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Lwasa demanded that the couple only help with the transportation costs of his employees’ weddings. Regardless of where they are hosted.

He claimed he stopped handing out cash to those intending to marry after one couple cancelled their wedding after receiving Shs4 million.

He emphasized that when he contributes to an event, he may only give actual items and not money.

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