Is Shamim Malende, a member of Parliament, Pregnant?

Shamim Malende, a Kampala women MP, enjoys working alongside her fiance. What else might explain her spouse’s roles as chauffeur, messenger, personal assistant (carrying her husband), and bodyguard?
Malende should consider herself one of Uganda’s lucky women, as such men are hard to come by.

One of the appointed counsels for NUP party executives who face state accusations on occasion is the human rights defender.

Firstly, Malende’s baby belly was clearly visible as she gave interviews after attending a court hearing in which Kawempe North member of parliament Ssegirinya Muhammad is accused of instigating violence. Further, You might like to congratulate the couple on their Honorable Baby!

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Malende did not dismiss the questions regarding her pregnancy, which revealed that Shamim Malende was pregnant.

When queried about her baby daddy, she motioned to a person who has always been by her side, someone who is under the bodyguard’s jurisdiction, and said he was the spouse, “helping out the honorable because he likes and greatly supports what she does for our great nation”.

Honestly, assisting a high-profile partner must be a terrific job.

Nonetheless, we congratulate the young couple and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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