Zari Hassan Sparks Debate with Controversial Advice on Cheating for Financial Gain

South African-based Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan, who is also known as Zari the Bosslady, has raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate online after she advised women to cheat on their partners if that is what it takes to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Zari’s controversial advice has been met with mixed reactions from her fans and followers, with some praising her for being bold and others condemning her for promoting infidelity. In a tweet that has since gone viral, Zari urged women to cheat for a house, a piece of land, or a dream car if they get the chance to do so.

“Baby girl if you get a chance to cheat for money, then please do it. These men are cheating for stupid things like; brown thighs, tongue rings and big asses. Cheat for a house, cheat for a piece of land, cheat for your dream car…it is what it is!!!!” she wrote.

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Speaking to a local radio station, Zari Hassan defended her stance, arguing that some men are not loyal and cheat on their partners for trivial reasons. She claimed that women should not be afraid to cheat if it means getting what they want in life.

Zari’s advice has sparked outrage among some people, with many accusing her of promoting immorality and encouraging women to compromise their values for material gain. However, some of her fans have come to her defense, arguing that she was simply advising women to take control of their lives and not to be dependent on men.

In response to the backlash, Zari Hassan took to social media to clarify her position, insisting that her advice was not meant to promote cheating but rather to empower women to pursue their dreams.

“I did not encourage anyone to cheat. All I said was that if you get the chance to cheat for money, then do it. I stand by my words because life is short, and we all deserve to be happy,” she wrote.

Zari’s controversial advice has sparked a much-needed conversation about the role of women in relationships and society at large. While some may argue that cheating is never justified, others believe that women should be free to make their own choices and pursue their own goals, even if that means going against societal norms.

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