Zahara Totto, an NBS TV presenter, Embarrasses Herself on Live Television | Watch Video Here

Zahara Totto appeared out of control on the UnCut Kalakata show, speaking sluggishly and out of context, as if she was drunk.

Nalumansi Zahara Totto, an NBS TV and NXT Radio presenter, has made headlines for all the wrong reasons for many years.

When the self-proclaimed Gossip Field Marshal isn’t spilling the juicy gossip about other celebrities, she’s concocting her own.

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In a viral social media video however, Zahara appears to have walked on set while under the influence of alcohol or another substance.

She could hardly stand still on her feet, struggling to maintain her stance. In addition, the words that came out of her mouth needed to be PG rated.

Zahara Totto yelled obscenities, including the K-word, during an argument with the show’s co-host, Kawalya Kayz.

Kayz however is forced to shut up at one point and appears to be taken aback by Zahara’s state of mind. The manner in which she carried herself also forced Kays to for untimely break.

The video has gone viral on social media, eliciting mostly critical comments from netizens, with several calling her out to apologize to the viewers for disrespecting them to that extent.

Watch video here while Zahara Totto stammers

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