Musicians fight Over Gulu Money at the Janzi Awards | Video

Musicians fight Over Gulu Money at the Janzi Awards | Video

On Saturday, there was chaos at the Kololo airstrip, where the Janzi Awards ceremony was being held, after unidentified musicians began fighting over their Gulu money.

Firstly, according to reports, one musician claimed that money awarded to them was embezzled by members of Operation Wealth Creation.

The musician interrupted the Janzi Awards ceremony and began shouting at the top of his lungs until security officers pushed him outside and the situation was brought under control.

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Numerous musicians camped in Gulu with OWC boss Salim Saleh in July 2021 for a workshop. Many of them went there with high hopes of receiving money from General Saleh. However only to have their hopes dashed when it was revealed that no money was given to any of them.

In addition, days after the workshop, musicians such as Gravity Omutujju came out and complained that they used the money to travel to Gulu but were not reimbursed.

Fight at Janzi Awards

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