More Details: Tiktoker Dr. Cephco (Sefuko) And Girlfriend Nakankaka N##de Video Leaked | Video

Self proclaimed Tiktoker Dr. Cephco video has been leaked with his girlfriend Nakankaka.

Firstly, Dr. Cephco has been arrested twice in just a very short time for claiming to be the father of Museveni. The son of Presidential advisor Full Figure, she got annoyed and put him in prison.

In addition, after coming out, the Tiktoker was recently arrested by Sheik Umar over allegedly making love with his one and only Jowie 256. Further, Dr. Cephco after coming from prison thanks to Catherine Kusaasira, broke his relationship with Jowie to focus on Nakankaka.

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But tables have turned as a n#de of him with Nakankaka has leaked. The video shows how Cephco enters his big cassava into Nakankaka’s Juicy honey pot. Making her cry like a baby. However, Cephco has denied the leaked video saying he is not the one.

Watch Dr. Cephco and Nakankaka Video here;

Qtn: Was it really Cephco or not?

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