Video: Emmanuel Lwasa Reacts On The Viral Sex Tape With His New Fiancée

Emmanuel Lwasa Reacts On The Viral Sex Tape With His New Fiancée

Lwasa Emmanuel Kaweesa Masaka, a businessman, is unfazed by his fiancee’s alleged leaked video tape feed.

The video was leaked last week, but his chilling comments about it have left many people in the dark.

Firstly, in an interview with a local television station about the tape, he stated that he is a wealthy man who simply goes to his account and withdraws money.

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“I am a rich man. If I want money, I just go to my account and withdraw what I want to use. I don’t mind if you decide to circulate that video because that man in that video was not me,” Emmanuel Lwasa.

In addition, Emmanuel Lwasa stated that he does not mind if the video is shared because he is not in it.

However, it should be noted that police are currently conducting an investigation into the viral video.

“We have a viral tape that has been going viral online. The tape show a man bonking with a woman. It show a woman recording a man. On the otherhand, maybe it was intentional that the man wanted to be recored. We are investgating to undertsand the matter,” Enanga stated.

However, Emmanuel Lwasa went ahead on his social media account and assured social media inlaws that he was the one in the viral $$ex tape.

“If your saying it me in the video, yes it me me. So do what you want,” Lwasa posted.

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