Video: Martha Caught in a Trending Video Cheating On Her Husband

Martha is shown in a trending video with a man who is only known as a pastor from the Republic of Congo. Despite being pregnant, Martha’s husband caught her in the act. In the trending video, the man can be heard sobbing and threatening to kill them if they take even the slightest step.

Around the end of the bed, on the floor, are candles, along with various items and clothing. The trending video features Martha completely exposed with the man she cheated with. She is seen, though, with a large stomach, indicating that she is expecting.

In the meantime, the pastor is seen appealing for forgiveness while still in his boxers, but the spouse doesn’t seem to be listening and appears to be quite angry. In shock, the husband queries Martha as to why she would have done this to him and on his bed. Furthermore, this pastor, who is allegedly Congolese, is alleged to have chewed on Martha’s beans when she was pregnant. Therefore, the event they were attending was the culmination of the ritual.

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“New information suggest that the trending video, in which a lady identified as Martha who was begging for mercy from her husband after being caught red handed with another man, was actually performing The last Ritual for safe Delivery.” “sources say the 2 individuals, the ungodly papa and Martha were performing the last ritual, as she she was barren for sometime and the Congolese pastor assisted In bringing the fruit of the woman.”

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