Swangz Avenue Organising A Concert For Vinka, Winnie Nwagi, Azawi & Zafaran

Swangz Avenue may be preparing something significant for the following year now that the concerts for Winnie Nwagi and Azawi have concluded. Reliable sources claim that the record label may be organizing a massive event with Winnie Nwagi, Azawi, Vinka, and Zafaran on the same stage.

Swangz Avenue is one of the biggest music labels in Uganda with talented artistes, Swangz has this year organised two concerts for their artiste Azawi and Winnie Nwagi respectively. Winnie Nwagi concert however, yielded a lot of fans since they were thirsty to see the singer perform.

Many artists and fans are eager for this concert for these female music icons on the same stage. On the other hand, Winnie Nwagi has a song dubbed Amaaso, of which they later made a remix with singers like Feffe Bussi, The Mith, and DJ Harold. Additionally, Zafaran is the newest signing for this music label, and she has so far released songs like Sweetheart and Mwoto.

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Ugandan audio and video production company Swangz Avenue. As a record label, Swangz focuses primarily on managing events, digital distribution, music publishing, artist management, and music production projects. Benon Mugumya, a musician from Uganda, founded Swangz Avenue in 2008 and is the creator of the band.

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