Allan Hendrik Back With Story Ya Semanda Visuals | Download

Allan Hendrik Ssali alias Paper Daddy of Gagamel Entertainment has released visuals for his new single “Story ya Semanda.”

Paper Daddy sings about a person in his new jingo who he claims wastes his time puffing weed and disrespecting elders, attacking them for advising him to change his ways.

The song’s lyrics begin with Allan Hendrik explaining how Semanda has been a source of frustration for his parents since he was a child.

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He adds that going to school, bathing, and doing other household chores were all battlegrounds for Semanda.

A rasta plays the role of Semanda in the video. He appears to be a drug addict, and he is seen at one point attempting to eat raw beans.

He concludes his song by declaring that anyone who mistreats his wife, denies pregnancy, or engages in any other vice is a Semanda.

Elly Workz directed the video for the song.

Consider the following in story ya semanda:

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