Sophie Nantongo Clears Self After Fraud Allegations

After being accused of fraud by one of her customers, Stanley, singer Sophie Nantongo has come clean. After Sophie Nantogo broke her commitment to arrange Stanley’s flight to the United States via her business, Stanley accused her of stealing Sh11 million from him. He said that while he had planned to fly Sophie Nantongo to America by October after they had met in June, nothing had really happened.

Stanley was obliged to bring Nantongo to Jinja Road Police in December to seek a return of his money since she had broken her commitment and had not done what she had said. Speaking to the media, Sophie Nantongo acknowledged knowing Stanley and accepting payment of Sh11 million from him. She said that she had a connection to Stanley via his sister and that her responsibility was to get him a visa for the United States rather than a job for him since her business doesn’t provide labor services.

Since his sister is a close friend of mine, I am familiar with Stanley. Although it was the corporation and not me personally, we got his money. Due to the fact that my business doesn’t provide labor services, we wanted to assist him in obtaining a US visa rather than a job. But since the program was postponed by the US partner business, we were forced to wait. He felt cheated since we had nothing to do, therefore I was called to the Police when he rushed there. They requested that we develop a payment plan after reaching an agreement after I detailed what had truly occurred.

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She went on to say that she was taken aback to see Stanley in the news before the due date for the subsequent payment had really been reached. The singer assured him that she had no trouble returning his money, and she will.

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