Sheilah Gashumba and Hellen Lukoma join Daniella Atim in condemning Weasel’s Domestic violence On Sandra Teta

On Monday, August 1st, singer Jose Chameleon’s wife, Daniella Atim, urged feminists in the country to fight for Sandra Teta’s freedom following her husband Weasel’s continuous mistreatment of her.

Daniella’s outrage stems from Weasel using his baby mama as a punching bag because she consistently ignores his husbandly directives.

At this point, Daniella Atim urged feminists to pick up their tools and work to ensure that Sandra Teta and her children receive the freedom they deserve.

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When socialite Sheilah Gashumba and singer Hellan Lukoma came across Daniella’s condemnation, they were quick to jump on board, hoping to put an end to Weasel’s violence.

On their social media accounts, these women shared a poster that read “let’s put a stop to Weasel’s domestic violence” and urged other women in the spotlight to do the same.

Sheilah went on to say that she has been outraged by Weasel’s thumping of Sandra Teta since last week, before pleading with him to stop treating her like a punching bag.

“Weasal you need to stop treating Sandra like she is your punching bag,” Sheilah Gashumba stated.

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