Sheebah Karungi Tired of Staying Single, Gives Her Reasons

TNS singer Sheebah Karungi has finally spoken out about how good and difficult it is to be a Nakyeyombekedde, and she has explained why she sometimes feels like she needs a man in her house.

Sheebah stated on her social media platforms that she has the freedom to do whatever she wants in her house without asking anyone’s permission, but she wishes there was a Man in her life to help her out because she has so many bills to pay.

Despite the fact that many female celebrities go ahead and say they don’t need men in their life, Sheebah Karungi proves it that no woman wants to stay single.

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It should be remembered that Sheebah has just celebrated her 32nd birthday few days back. This gives her a right to demand for a husband.

“Disadvantaged of being a Nakyeyombekedde are countless but the advantages are also countless. Let me tell some of them, I can wake up in the morning and turn my sitting room into a gym, a club , spar or even a massage parlour without asking ‘Taata Junior’ if its okay untill you have 1,000 bills piled up on you and then you wish you had a man,” She said.

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In conclusion, e-readmedia prays for you that you get someone suitable for you and to settle with.

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