Is Nina Roz & Brian Weiyz Playing Midnight Game? Evidence Here


Nina Roz and Brian Weiyz are seen eating straw belly ice cream while facing each other, zero distance style, in the photo taken as evidence.

Nina Roz has been spending awfully cold nights alone since her breakup with bonk champ Daddy Andre.

The year 2021 started off on the wrong foot for the tall, lanky, and stunning female singer. But with a new year only a month away, Nina can smile again.

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She is surrounded by people who only have good intentions for her. And they have greatly lifted her spirits and made her forget the headaches and heartaches she experienced. While sharing the same bed with Andre.

Brian Weiyz, a singer, is one of those people who has been there for her since then.

According to sources, Brian Weiyz has assisted Nina Roz in keeping her chin up and walking confidently without expecting anything in return.

According to reports, the Go Slow singer was one of the few musicians who visited Nina while she was in a rehabilitation center a few months ago.

And she is grateful, and she is now returning the favor!

On Tuesday of this week, the couple was spotted in the early hours of the morning sharing exclusive blissful moments together.

Weiyz, who is dressed in a floral yellow shirt, moves his head next to Nina’s as she licks her fingers.

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