Sebei College Suspends 800 Students for striking over Man U v Chelsea game, Gets 80 Millions

Sebei College Tegeres in Kapchorwa’s suspended students would each be required to pay Shs 103,000 for the restoration of damaged property, bringing in a cool Shs 80 million for the institution.

Following the suspension of all non-candidate students for two weeks, a strike at the school resulted in the suspension of at least 800 pupils (excluding those in candidate classes). On October 22, students demonstrated against the school’s inability to show them a premier league game.

However, the school claimed that the issue was caused by a school generator breakdown and a power outage. It said that property destroyed was worth millions of pounds.

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We had a glance on suspension letters from the school asking parents and guardians to “ensure that you personally come with your child with evidence of payment.”

Candidates in senior four and six were not suspended to give them time to study for the final national exams.

The parents have requested that the school administration of Sebei College to reconsider the choice and contact them before the two-week period is out to discuss the issue and potential solutions.

Malili Yonah, a parent from the municipality of Kapchorwa who claims to have attended the scene, disagrees and maintains that the strike was unjustified. He urged the school to do away with football, which he claimed was a privilege rather than a right. He praised the choice made by the school administration and asked parents to use the two weeks to talk to their kids.

Parents’ reactions to the choice made by the school were conflicting. A father at the school, Ronald Mangusho, criticized the institution for suspending the pupils without consulting the parents or other relevant parties.

“I am aware that the three days we had no power in Kapchorwa, the school administration should have worked on the generator,” he said.

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