Real Truth About The Death Of Jakana Nadduli, Frank Gashumba In Hot Soup

Social media users have begun to claim that Frank Gashumba, the president of Abavandimwe (Banyarwanda) in Uganda, may have been involved in Jakana Nadduli Sulaiman’s killing, with the adage that something posted on social media never goes away.

After Jakana Nadduli made disparaging remarks about the Bavandimwe in Uganda, Frank Gashumba and the late Jakana Nadduli got into a fight. Shortly after making his remarks about Bavandimwe, he was in an accident, was later arrested, and was charged with making remarks that could have sparked genocide.

Jakana, the injured son of former minister Al Hajji Abdul Nadduli, was detained following an accident. Frank Gashumba expressed on television, while he was still incarcerated, his desire for Jakana to perish in the incident. Click this link to watch Gashumba.

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Jakana didn’t live much longer following his release from prison on bail, and he passed quite suddenly. Some are attributing his demise to the mistreatment he endured while inside, while others believe Frank Gashumba was involved.

We’ll keep you informed until Frank Gashumba and the police speak about Jakana’s death. Click here and see what killed Jakana Nadduli. Nadduli showed his dissatisfaction about his ex-bush war warriors who couldn’t take caution and make a phone call to talk about the issues surrounding his son.

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