Prince Omar Swears To Kill For The Little Baby Illona | Screenshot

Grace Khan and Prince Omar have been feuding verbally for weeks as a result of the former’s pregnancy.

Omar claimed that he is not to blame for Khan’s pregnancy. He explained that he has never met her in person, making it nearly impossible for him to get her pregnant.

When asked about the father of her child at her baby shower, Khan burst into tears.

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Things appear to have improved between the singers after Khan gave birth to her baby girl, illona Grannah.

A video surfaced online a few days ago showing Omar seated at Pead Medical Center holding a young baby identified as Grace Khan‘s.

It was claimed that he took the baby for DNA testing, but Khan later denied the claims.

Omar posted a picture of himself holding a baby on Facebook today, with a heartwarming caption.

Omar expressed his love for the baby and prayed to God for their health and safety in the caption.

“Little one, I can kill FOR YOU, my prayer before the day begins, I pray Lord to foremostly give you health, protect you and your mother, bl ss you and before this flight, I pray for the same all around for you truly a blessing,” He captioned.

Prince Omar Swearing And Grace Khan Denying DNA Allegations

  • e-readmedia-Grace-Khan-Distances-Herself-From-Baby-Illonas-DNA-Test
  • Grace-Khan-Distances-Herself-From-Baby-Illonas-DNA-Test

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