Police Medical Test Indicates Constable Ivan Wabwire’s Sound Mind after Shooting Incident

In a recent development, an initial medical test conducted by the police has indicated that Constable Ivan Wabwire, the 30-year-old officer involved in the shooting incident with an Indian money lender, possesses a sound mind. The update on the investigation was provided by police spokesperson Fred Enanga on Monday.

Following Wabwire’s arrest in Busia while attempting to cross into neighboring Kenya, he underwent a medical test administered by the police surgeon. The results from this examination came back negative, indicating Wabwire’s good physical condition and mental stability. Enanga shared with journalists, “At the time of arrest, he was in good shape and sound. We have examined him so far and found him to be very normal and sound.”

On Friday, Ivan Wabwire tragically shot and killed Uttam Bhandari, the proprietor of TFS Financial Services in Kampala, owing to a debt of shs2,130,000. Disturbing CCTV footage captured the incident, revealing Wabwire firing multiple bullets at close range towards the victim, followed by a return to finish him off.

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The incident has ignited a fresh debate surrounding gun violence in the country. Earlier reports suggested that Wabwire had a medical condition that prohibited him from carrying a firearm, a decision made by the Kampala Metropolitan Police management six years ago. However, specifics about the condition were not disclosed by spokesperson Patrick Onyango.

In light of the initial medical test results, the police spokesperson stated that Wabwire would undergo a psychiatric evaluation to further assess his mental state. He emphasized that while different medical examinations can help determine an individual’s mental status, the most accurate record is obtained from a psychiatric expert in mental health. Nonetheless, the surgeon’s report indicated that the officer was normal and mentally sound, acknowledging that people may fluctuate between different mental states depending on the circumstances.

Previously, President Museveni demanded answers regarding how Wabwire, described as having a problem, had access to a firearm that he ultimately used to kill the Indian money lender.

As the investigation continues, it is crucial to uncover the truth behind this tragic incident and take appropriate measures to address any systemic issues relating to the possession of firearms by individuals with medical conditions. Ensuring the safety and well-being of both law enforcement officers and the general public remains a top priority for the authorities.

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