Fatal Shooting Dead of Indian National Moneylender in Kampala

E-readmedia has learned that a moneylender in Kampala was shot dead in unclear circumstances on Friday afternoon. The incident occurred on Parliamentary Avenue, where an armed man entered a money lending business owned by Indians and shot one of the employees. According to unconfirmed reports, the shooter was wearing a police uniform.

Although details about the incident are scarce, the money lending business is known for lending money to Members of Parliament and others. The police have cordoned off the scene at Raja Chambers to collect forensic evidence.

This incident comes on the heels of other shootings involving prominent individuals in recent weeks. State Minister for Labour, Col(Rtd) Charles Engola, was recently shot dead by his bodyguard, who then turned the gun on himself. Last week, vlogger Ismail Tusuubira, also known as Jjajja Ichuli or Isma Olaxxes, was shot dead by unknown assailants as he returned home in Kyanja on May 2.

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These events have added to the story of gun violence in the country, which has been a growing concern. While the details of the incident are still emerging, the fact that the shooter was reportedly wearing a police uniform raises further questions about the role of law enforcement in addressing this issue.

The police have a duty to protect citizens and investigate these incidents thoroughly to ensure justice is served. The public also has a role to play in reporting any suspicious activity to help prevent future violence. We hope that the authorities will take swift action to bring those responsible to justice and prevent further tragedy.



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