Pastor Martin Ssempa Files A Case On Chameleone And Weasel Kissing

The recent complaint filed by Pastor Martin Ssempa against Joseph Mayanja, popularly known as Jose Chameleone, and his brother Weasel for “indecent and morally offensive acts” has sparked controversy in Uganda. The incident in question occurred during Jose Chameleone’s “Gwanga Mujje” concert, where the two brothers were spotted kissing publicly. This is not the first time the brothers have been seen engaging in this behavior on stage, and the incident has led to accusations of promoting homosexuality.

The complaint, which has been filed with the Ugandan police, requests that Chameleone’s upcoming concerts be stopped until he issues a public apology to his fans. Pastor Martin Ssempa, who opened a file of general inquiry on Chameleone, cited that the act was promoting homosexuality and was completely uncalled for. He further urged the Mayanja brothers to seek prayers to cleanse themselves from these “dirty acts” and to join the fight against homosexuality.

Furthermore, it is important to note that our culture and norms as Africans and Ugandans in particular should be preserved. The public also has urged that Chameleone and Weasel need to be persecuted where necessary and the parents should also come out on this matter. In addition, the act of kissing on stage was termed as unconventional and harmful to the public since these are public figures and that actions need to be taken

Pastor Ssempa’s complaint against Chameleone and Weasel sends a message to the LGBTQ+ community in Uganda. It suggests that expressing same-gender affection is not only inappropriate but also illegal.



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