Pastor Andrew Jengo In Hot Soup, Fails To Pay 28.5m Debt

Kawaala-based Revival Church lead Pastor Andrew Jengo is under fire for allegedly borrowing and failing to repay his debt. Ms. Camilla, a former employee of ABS TV, revealed in a Spark TV interview that she lent Pastor Jengo Ugx 28.5 million in 2022. Per their agreement, Pastor Jengo was supposed to pay Ugx 3 million every month after making an initial Ugx 13 million payment. However, Pastor Andrew Jengo only paid Ugx 4 million and then made empty promises of repayment.

Ms. Camilla claims that the pastor never followed through on his word, and now her children are stuck at home due to lack of school fees. She has begged Minister Nabanja and traditional healer Mama Fiina to intervene and help her get her money back.

This situation is a reminder that borrowing money comes with consequences, and it must be taken seriously. Those who fail to pay back should understand that their actions can have a deep impact on their lenders, and it’s important to keep their word in order to preserve their own reputation.

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It’s a sad situation for Ms. Camilla, and her hope for justice on Pastor Andrew Jengo serves as an example for all of us. Until then, we can only wish her luck in her battle for her hard-earned money.


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