The Comeback Queen: Juliana Kanyomozi’s “Omwana” and Her Return to the Music Scene

Juliana Kanyomozi, a renowned singer from Uganda, has recently released a song called “Omwana” that tackles the topic of marriage and the qualities of a good husband. The lyrics, mostly in Luganda, are a testament to the singer’s powerful voice and her ability to delve into themes that resonate with her audience.

In the song, Kanyomozi takes a swipe at traditional norms such as bride price, and instead emphasizes the importance of choosing a partner who is trustworthy, dependable, and who will make one proud. She sings, “I chose well, how do you see my lover? Now know that you’ve made me international… that you’ll never embarrass me… I tattooed you on my neck… I’m saying bye.”

The video, directed by Marvin Musoke of Swangz Avenue, is packed with events from a traditional marriage ceremony, making it appealing to anyone planning a wedding or introduction ceremony. The song is produced by Nessim, who is also responsible for Rema Namakula‘s latest hit single, “Ngonze.” Rema’s ballad, which has become a staple at weddings, is a smooth-sounding ode to love and relationships, and it shares a similar vibe with Kanyomozi’s “Omwana.”

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Kanyomozi made a successful comeback in the music industry last year with a well-attended concert held at the Kampala Serena Hotel on August 19. Despite having one of the most highly regarded music catalogs in Uganda, she hadn’t held a concert in eight years. In her own words, “it’s life that has sometimes taken me away from the industry.”

Omwana is a powerful and thought-provoking song that will resonate with anyone looking for a partner who is dependable, trustworthy, and who will bring joy and pride into their life. Its lyrics and video make it a must-listen for anyone planning a wedding or introduction ceremony, and it’s just another example of the great music coming out of Uganda today.


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