New Report: Pallaso fiancée Revealed

It has been a long time since Pallaso, a popular singer in Uganda, was linked to a woman publicly. The only woman most people knew of was his baby mama in the United States of America, who he left behind. In the meantime, there were many rumors of relationships with women like Sasha Brighton.

But now, Anne – Pallaso’s fiancée – has finally made her presence known. She appeared at the Gwanga Mujje concert, where she declared her relationship with Pallaso spanning six years. She also revealed that Pallaso’s family are well aware of the relationship, and even welcomed her as an extended part of the family.

“I am here to support Jose Chameleon at Gwanga Mujje concert and also watch Pallaso perform. I am a girlfriend to Pallaso and at the same time a friend to Chameleon because me and Pallaso have been lovers for more than six years,” Anne said.

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Anne also spoke of her friendship with Pallaso’s brother, Jose Chameleone. She emphasized that she was there to support both her partner and his brother, and that she was not intimidated by any other women who might have had a relationship with him.

It is refreshing to know that he has finally found love! It is also heartwarming to see Anne’s strong support for Pallaso, and her comfortable relationship with his family. This announcement also serves as a reminder to those who have had relationships with Pallaso in the past – Anne is not afraid of competition, and she is here to stay.


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