NBS Frontline Faces Battle Between Ofwono Opondo And Erias Lukwago | Video

NBSFrontline, a popular local political talk show, was cut short on Thursday night after panelist Ofwono Opondo jumped from his seat and went bare knuckles on Kampala City Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago live on air.

Lukwago’s crime was to remind the Executive Director of Uganda Media Center that he once shot and killed a person at Kampala Parents 18 years ago.

Many debaters use this allegation as leverage to neutralize the belligerent government publicist whenever they appear on a show with him.

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This time, NBS viewers were treated to an action-packed movie when the political show was transformed into a boxing ring as Opondo rained punches on Lukwago.

“I can throw you out of this show. Yes, I can throw you out,” Ofwono Opondo charged.

As if that wasn’t enough, the armed government official threatens to shoot him in the head.

The show’s moderator, Charles Mwanguhya Mpagi, appeared to be flexing as the producers ended the show.

Lukwago has since taken to social media to vent his rage.

“Short of words to explain what has happened to me at the NBS TV Frontline. Horrible, despicable!!. Fellow Ugandans, it’s Horrible. My only prayer is that I get out of this place safely!” Erias Lukwago

It is unclear whether NBS management will sanction Opondo for his unethical behavior.

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