Mun G lashes out at a reporter for questioning him about NTV star Crysto Panda | Video


It appears that the feud between Crysto Panda and Mun G is far from over. The two rappers have clearly not been on the same page, and their feud has grown over the years.

It all started last year when Mun claimed the “Kyoyina Omanya” hitmaker wasn’t a rapper, leaving fans wondering why he doesn’t stick to the media.

Crysto would retaliate by barking at him, claiming that he doesn’t care if he’s a good rapper or not as long as his music pays the bills.

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He now has to add fuel to the already raging fire by barking at a reporter who inquired about his song with Crysto Panda.

Mun exclaimed “Tombuza Ku Chali wamwe!”, which translates loosely as,

“Don’t bother me with your friend!”

Watch Mun G Lashing the reporter

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