Mr. Henrie Narrates How He Spends Sleepless Nights Planning For His Wife And Children

Mr. Henrie has only been in the relationship for a few months, but he is already doing for Primah Kardash what singer Geosteady failed to do for her for years, despite the fact that she has given him two beautiful children.

According to a recent interview on a local television station, the Galaxy FM host sees Kardash as more than just a girlfriend, but as a wife.

The 26-year-old was unafraid to express his excitement for his girlfriend and their two children, Solange and Soraye, whose biological father is Geosteady.

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Mr. Henrie stated that despite his youth, he has been blessed with a good wife and children for whom he works tirelessly.

“I don’t have any biological children but God has blessed me with two children that my wife came with. Have you ever spent sleepless nights trying to work hard and make businesses for the people you love? I work hard for the future of Soraye and Solange.” He said 

Furthermore, the media personality stated that many people would kill to have what he have.

“I’m 26 years only and at my age God has blessed me with a beautiful family, beautiful wife, beautiful job and a platform. It’s not something I take for granted. Some people would kill or do anything to have the things I have i.e my wife, job, and money,” He added.

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