Mr. Henrie Accepts Mceeing Geosteady And Kardashi’s Wedding

After stating that he will use Mr. Henrie, the ex-boyfriend of his baby mother Prima Kardashi, as Mcee at his wedding to Prima Kardashi, singer Geosteady, actual name Hassan George Kigozi, has gone far. Years into their relationship, Geosteady and Prima also had two children together. However, in 2019, they decided to call it quits and move on with their separate lives.

During their split, the pair exchanged derogatory remarks. Prima claimed that Geosteady doesn’t take care of the kids, which explains why he doesn’t get to see them very frequently. She also received a response from Geosteady, who claimed that she was a bad mother and had physically assaulted him during their marriage.

That didn’t take long, though, for Prima Kardashi and Geosteady have returned to resume their relationship, and Mr. Henrie has been cast aside like a discarded plastic bag. Now that they have had their 2028 introduction ceremony, Geosteady is completely smitten with Prima Kardashi and is even prepared to marry her.

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He acknowledged that Mr. Henrie, who was dating Prima, is not an issue for him, and that he is even willing to engage him to perform the role of Mcee for them.

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