Makerere University Suspends Lecturer Who Slapped A Student In A Trending Video

Wandera Bernard, a lecturer at Makerere University, has been expelled from the campus following his appearance in a trending social media video violently attacking a female student. The professor can be seen slapping the student and chasing her out of the classroom as she runs to her.

Ugandans were horrified by the behaviors depicted in the video that went viral on social media over the weekend, but the university management reacted quickly.

Prof. Nawangwe, vice chancellor of Makerere University, expressed his displeasure with the acts of the trending video on social media. To protect the students, he wrote to Mr. Wandera and informed him that he would no longer be working there.

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“…I hereby interdict you from the University in order to protect the reputation of the University, its students, and in order not to jeopardize the on-going investigations,” Prof Nawangwe wrote to Wandera.

“A Committee to investigate allegations of assault, harassment and willful professional misconduct against you will be constituted. You will be invited to participate in its proceedings. During your interdiction, you will receive half pay and you will not be allowed to access your office or other University premises (unless otherwise invited).” partly states in a letter.

This is not the first viral video of a student being harassed in a university in Uganda. A security guard recently barred a Muslim student from Kyambogo University from entering the exam room. The student was instructed to take her khimar off of her head.

Islam, however, forbids women from displaying their hair to anybody outside their husbands. So, as she said, this was against her rights as a Muslim.

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