MC Kats’ Ex-Lover Faith Ntaborwa Admitted to Rehabilitation Facility

MC Kats’ former partner, Faith Ntaborwa, has recently been admitted to a rehabilitation center due to her concerning mental state. Reports suggest that Ntaborwa, who is allegedly Fille Mutoni’s cousin, came into the public eye in 2020 when she filmed herself at MC Kats’ residence.

The video gained significant attention online after MC Kats publicly disclosed his HIV/AIDS status, highlighting the fearlessness of slay queens in the face of the disease as long as they can fulfill their desires through men. According to sources, Ntaborwa was taken to Dr. Paul’s Care First Recovery Home Uganda, an establishment that has been supporting individuals grappling with various issues since 2016.

Dr. Paul, the proprietor, explained that their facility specializes in rehabilitating people with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) and addressing mental health concerns. He further mentioned that Faith’s well-being and mental stability have been severely impacted by the substances and drugs she has been using. The primary objective of the facility is to aid her in recovering her health and achieving mental wellness.

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Dr. Paul elaborated that a series of tests will be conducted on Ntaborwa, with updates on her progress expected after a period of 10 days. Furthermore, he revealed that the individual who recommended Ntaborwa to their rehabilitation center had previously sought their assistance and made a remarkable recovery.

It is undoubtedly a challenging time for Faith Ntaborwa, as she faces the repercussions of her troubled mental state and substance abuse. However, with the support and expertise provided by Dr. Paul’s Care First Recovery Home Uganda, there is hope for her recovery and eventual return to a healthier lifestyle.

As the days unfold, we eagerly await further updates on MC Kats’ ex-lover Faith’s progress and wish her the strength and determination to overcome these obstacles and regain control of her life.

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