Mc Kapale Kwanjula Ceremonies Might Be Cancelled After Alleged Breakup With Lover

Mc Kapale Kwanjula Ceremonies Might Be Cancelled After Alleged Breakup With Lover

Comedian Kawuki Simon alias Mc Kapale is expected to be introduced by his girlfriend Nabasirye Shakira in a beautiful Kwanjula ceremony on Sunday, April 2, 2022, but according to new reports, the ceremony may not take place because the bride-to-be has vanished.

The woman whose picture was printed on the invitation card as the bride-to-be has come out and stated that she has never dated Kapale and has no knowledge of the introduction.

“I know nothing about the said introduction. Even the address included on the card as my parents’ home is incorrect. She said this while speaking on a local Tv station.

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Kapale also slammed the initials on the invitation card. He claims that he dated the lady but dumped her for a variety of reasons.

“She was my girlfriend in 2019, we stopped seeing each other in December that year but she wanted to get married to me but I didn’t like her because she was dirty, couldn’t clean the house, lay the bed, clean her private parts well or even shave her pubic hair and she was also poor in bed,” Mc Kapale said

He also mentioned that she was sleeping around.

“I once took her to a friend in Kazo and that friend told me that she was also once his girlfriend and that they slept together. And I dumped her right away,” Kapale added.

The comedian believes she put her picture on the circulating fake invitation cards on purpose to punish him for dumping her.

“So I recently received a video where they were saying that she is the one on the card and I think she wanted to spoil my introduction,” He was agitated. 

Senga Ssebanga on Mc Kapale

Senga Ssebanga, another comedian, has revealed that Kapale broke so many women’s hearts that they are now committed to spoiling the Kwanjula for him.

“Kapale had many women and they got annoyed so they want to spoil the ceremony. He has someone he wants to marry but the problem is that he had many women. When he became famous he got so excited and started sleeping around,” He said.

Senga Sebanga also revealed that the real lady Kapale intends to marry has vanished from his life.

“We have called his wife to be and her number it’s off. Kapale also said he has taken two weeks without seeing her,” Senga Ssebanga.

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