Maulana Kasoozi Roasted By His Father-in-law

Father-in-law roasted Maulana Kasoozi of the Maulana and Reign for mistreating his daughter Nalujja Shibura.

Maulana’s first wife, Nalujja, cried out to the media for help on Monday after Maulana locked her outside the house late at night with three young children, ages three, two, and nine months.

According to Shibura’s father, this is the fourth time Maulana has locked his daughter outside.

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Angry Shibura’s father stated that he has sat down with Maulana kasoozi numerous times and that he has made numerous promises to him, such as building a house and educating his daughter, but that Maulana has not fulfilled any of them.

Maulana’s father-in-law stated that things deteriorated and her daughter began receiving food from his home, despite the fact that Maulana works almost every day.

“Maulana has been mistreating my daughter yet he found her in good life going to school. I knew Maulana before he joined Comedy. He started lying to her after her senior six and he married her but things have not been easy.

“Maulana promised me he is going to build I even remember giving him a car so that my grandchildren don’t move on foot but I don’t even know where he put it.

“I was surprised when my daughter came to pick food from my home. If Maulana wants us to talk he should come with the first words I told him when I met the first time,” Maulana’s father-in-law angrily narrated.

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