Bebe Cool Set To Release New Album, Promises To Be Worth The Time

Bebe Cool, the boss of Gagamel, reveals that he has been working on his new album and giving it all the ingredients needed to make it memorable.

Only the latter of the traditional “top three” musicians, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, and Jose Chameleone, appears to have trending hit songs right now.

Chameleone’s song Forever has kept him relevant in the industry at a time when several emerging artists are doing everything they can to compete favorably.

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His close friend Bebe Cool also promises to release his own music album, which he has been working on for some time.

Bebe Cool revealed that he has been slowly but steadily compiling a new album while performing at the Stress Clinic night at Levels Lounge.

He stated that he has put in a lot of time into it and that he is not worried about it because he wants to release a body of work that is worthy of his status.

“Musicians like me, at our level, we don’t panic anymore because we are already there. Wherever I go, they ask me to sing the older music than the new so I’m in no rush to release new music but of course it will come because this is a new market and we have to continue because my work is to sing. I have to drop an album but again it has to be worth the time, and secondly there is no pressure at all. I’m still leading musically.” Bebe Cool states

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