Manhunt for Child Killer and Rapist in Bundibugyo

The police in Bundibugyo District are on the hunt for a 27-year-old man who is accused of committing a horrific crime. The suspect, who is a resident of Kabutabule village, is being sought after for allegedly raping and killing a 3-year-old girl. This horrific act of violence has shocked the local community and has prompted a manhunt to bring the suspect to justice.

According to the Rwenzori West Regional Police Spokesperson, Mr. Vincent Twesige, the incident took place on Wednesday at around 4 PM. The suspect is alleged to have killed the girl by strangulation and her lifeless body was later found behind a pit latrine at the home of the suspect. A piece of cloth was tied around her neck, and the post-mortem report will determine whether she was also sexually assaulted.

“The lifeless body was later found lying behind a pit latrine at the home of the suspect with a piece of cloth tied around her neck. The suspect had earlier been seen by the locals with the deceased. The issue of rape will be determined by postmortem report,” he ranted.

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However, the village chairperson, Mr. Musa Tibakabaire, has stated that the suspect is mentally ill and that he grabbed the girl when she was playing with other children and took her to his home where he committed the crimes. The angry residents tried to burn down the suspect’s house, but the chairperson called the police to calm the situation.

“Angry residents tried to burn his house but I called the police to calm the situation. We’re looking for him and I strongly condemn such acts,” he continued.

A relative of the deceased, Ms. Gorreti Tusiime, saw the suspect carrying a bag and initially thought that he was carrying a jackfruit from his garden. However, she later discovered the horrifying truth when the body was found wrapped in a bag and dumped in a trench near the pit latrine.

“I saw him carrying a bag and I thought he was carrying a jackfruit from his garden. Little did I know that it was a dead body. When we started looking for the child it’s when we discovered her body in the bag,” she narrated.

The local authorities are working tirelessly to bring the suspect to justice and to ensure that he faces the full extent of the law for his horrific crimes. The tragedy of this case highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues in the community and ensuring that individuals with mental illness receive the support and treatment they need.

In conclusion, the death of the 3-year-old girl is a heart-wrenching tragedy that has shaken the local community to its core. The police in Bundibugyo are making every effort to bring the suspect to justice, and the community is united in their grief and condemnation of this horrific crime. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased during this difficult time.

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