Man Gets Entangled In A Woman’s Honey Pot While Cheating On Her Husband | Video


A man was enjoying bedminton with a married woman when he became entangled in the woman’s fresh honey pot because she was cheating on her husband.

In the video, a big black snake is seen rotating around on the bed. This however was preventing people from approaching the two to separate them until the woman’s husband arrives.

The strange video of an unidentified man who became stuck while enjoying the woman’s juicy fresh honey pot left, right and center with the married woman has gone viral on social media.

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The couple was seen crying and covering themselves with blankets. This came since they didn’t want cameras to see them, but it was later revealed that they were in a lot of pain.

According to reports, the woman in the video was “charmed without her consent by her husband.” Which caused the duo to become stuck while enjoying the “promised land. where the man was enjoying hiding his Banana in the woman’s tight honey pot.

People were seen trembling while filming and photographing the couple. Who were hiding themselves from cameras and their friends by covering themselves with a thin blanket.

The snake is seen lying on the other side of the bed, its head angrily raised, ready to bite anyone who approaches the two.

This is not the first time such incidents have occurred; In 2016, a woman who was cheating on her husband in Mityana in nearby lodges became entangled with her side boyfriend.

After spending a significant amount of time attempting to separate themselves, the two became entangled, resulting in the death of the woman’s side boyfriend.

Another incident happened in Eastern region, a place called Bugembe in Jinja district.

Watch of man entangled in a woman’s honey pot here;

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