Leila Kayondo Distances Self From Using Drugs, Insists Someone Funds For The Rumor To Spread

Leila Kayondo Distances Self From Using Drugs

Singer Leila Kayondo has denied drug addiction rumors circulating on the internet.

Leila is said to have stopped using drugs after her breakup with tycoon SK Mbuga in 2016. It got worse in 2020 when she lost both her parents and her brother in the same year.

However, according to Leila Kayondo, she does not use drugs, and the rumors that she is a drug addict are being spread by one of her acquaintances.

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Leila Kayondo went on to say that the rumor is even being funded by someone.

“I have seen allegations of people saying that I use drugs however, I am very sure that it is one person who is funding and spreadig such false propaganda.” Leila Kayondo

When asked how she and SK Mbuga met and became such close friends, Leila explained that their friendship dates back to their childhood.

She revealed that their grandparents were very close and best friends when they were growing up, which resulted in the formation of their bond.

However, she refused to say why they split up, stating that the details were private.

She went on to say that even though SK Mbuga gives her money, she is unable to reconcile with him.

“SK Mbuga and I were friends right from childhood. His Grandmother and my Grandmother have been best friends but we separated and I will not explain why.” Leila Kayondo added.

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