Police Arrest a Woman Who Was Caught on Camera Being Chewed on a Busy Roadside in Kisoro | Video

Police in Kisoro have detained a woman identified as Muhawemimana Calodine Mukamulenzi after she was filmed chewing to a pulp by an unknown man on the roadside in Kisoro Trending video.

The video of Calodine chewing by a man on a busy road during the day has gone viral. This prompted Kisoro police to act quickly and arrest her for questioning.

The man she is seen with in the video is still on the run, and police are attempting to apprehend him.

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According to Elly Matte, Kigezi police spokesperson, the girl in the video will be charged with being a public nuisance along Kisoro road within Kisoro municipality.

Calodine was arrested yesterday, November 3, 2021, according to Matte. Calodine Mukamulenzi is 24 years old and of Rwandese nationality, according to Matte.

He also stated that the search for the boy, who is a bicycle boda boda cyclist, is still ongoing. So that they can both be brought to justice.

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e-readmedia-Calodine-arrested-by-kisoro-police in Kisoro Trending video

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