Kato Lubwama Goes Wild, Warns Against Redoing His Work

Outspoken drama actor and singer, Kato Lubwama has issued a stern warning to all those with the intention of redoing his works not to dare. The former Lubaga South MP threatened that if he ever finds someone redoing his artistic works, he will plot for them to be dumped in the pit latrine. He stated that no man will ever redo his works without his permission and told whoever wants to redo his content to just create their own.

Kato Lubwama is a veteran actor and singer in Uganda. He has been an outstanding performer in various drama series and movies. However, he has expressed concern about the declining popularity of local drama series. He blames the media for not promoting the quality drama created by veteran actors and only putting the focus on those who are blown up by digital platforms.

It is true that many local dramas and movies do not receive enough publicity and recognition. This is partly due to the lack of investment in the industry and the limited marketing opportunities. In contrast, digital platforms have revolutionized the entertainment industry, allowing people to access a variety of content from around the world.

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Despite the challenges facing the local drama industry, Kato Lubwama remains passionate about creating new content. He has hinted at a new play called “Abakunjja,” which he plans to release soon. This is a clear indication of his commitment to keeping the local drama industry alive.

Kato Lubwama’s warning against redoing his works without permission is understandable. As an artist, he invested time, effort, and creativity in his work, and it is only fair that he have control over how it. However, it is also important to recognize the value of collaboration and building on the work of others.

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In conclusion, Kato Lubwama’s warning to those who intend to redo his works without permission is a reminder of the importance of respecting the rights of artists. However, it is also important to promote and support the local drama industry, which plays a crucial role in the cultural identity and entertainment of the country.

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