Kasuku Apologizes for Tamale Mirundi’s Derogatory Remarks about Kabaka Mutebi

Renowned media personality and Youtuber Isaac Daniel Katende, popularly known as Kasuku, has apologized following Tamale Mirundi’s scathing remarks targeting the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. This apology came after Tamale Mirundi appeared on Kasuku’s YouTube program called Animal Farm on March 7, 2023.

During the show, Tamale Mirundi made derogatory remarks about the Kabaka’s health, suggesting that the prime minister of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, was responsible for the monarch’s precarious state. Tamale Mirundi further insinuated that the prime minister poisoned the Kabaka after they both shared a woman. He went ahead to liken the traditional leader to a rat.

These comments by Tamale Mirundi did not go down well with some Bagandas, who blamed Kasuku for not editing the clip or stopping the former from disrespecting the Kabaka. As a result, Kasuku took to his YouTube channel to apologize for the hurtful remarks made by Tamale Mirundi on his show.

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In his apology, Kasuku expressed regret for Tamale Mirundi’s views and pledged not to broadcast such viewpoints on his channel in the future. He reiterated that the views expressed were those of Tamale Mirundi and not in any way his own views. Kasuku acknowledged that the comments made were offensive to the Baganda community and promised to take steps to ensure that such remarks do not happen again.

It is commendable that Kasuku took responsibility for the actions of his guest on his show and apologized to those who were offended by the comments made. As a media personality, it is essential to exercise caution and ensure that the content being broadcasted is respectful and informative. It is also essential to note that freedom of speech should not be used as a license to spread hate speech or derogatory remarks about individuals or communities.

In conclusion, Kasuku’s apology serves as a reminder that media personalities have a responsibility to be mindful of the content being broadcasted and to ensure that it does not offend or disrespect any individual or community. It is crucial to exercise caution and ensure that the content disseminated is informative, respectful, and in good taste.

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