Isma Olaxess Accuses Kenzo Not To Want To Pay His Debts

Isma Olaxess, a social media writer, criticized Eddy Kenzo for becoming upset during his press conference for no apparent reason. Eddy Kenzo held a fantastic festival the previous weekend and wanted to hold a press conference to express gratitude to everyone who contributed to its success.

He discussed topics other than the event during the press conference, such as his personal life and safety. Eddy Kenzo broke down sobbing after becoming upset and claiming that people were being bribed to end his life. Isma Olaxess, however, asserts that no one wants to murder Eddy Kenzo; instead, he was sobbing because he didn’t want to cover the festival’s expenses.

Eddy Kenzo should have been more grateful, according to Olaxess, rather than telling lies to win people over, because they have supported him through good times and bad. Olaxess added that Kenzo cried primarily because Rema Namakula failed to show up at his festival. Rema also celebrated her four-year wedding anniversary with Dr. Hamza.

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Isma claims that this is what made Kenzo cry during an interview. Nevertheless, Eddy Kenzo’s collaboration with Matt B on the song “Gimme Love” earned him a nomination for the Grammy Awards 2023 in the Best Global Music Performance category.

The video shows Eddy Kenzo expressing his happiness at being nominated for the prize and thanking God for the chance. Kenzo should be remembered as a ghetto child who had to start over in life.

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