If a serious record label offered me a deal, I’d take it, Karole Kasita

As more artists seek to leave record labels, Karole Kasita is looking for a way in and is willing to accept a deal from a serious record label if one is offered.

Karole Namulindwa Kasita has been in the music industry for many years but only recently made a breakthrough.

Her 2018 hit single “Yaka” paved the way for her. And she has never looked back since, topping music charts and achieving the much-desired fame.

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Karole Kasita isn’t ready to sit back and relax after all of her success so far. She is currently in the studio working on new projects for the future.

She, like many other solo artists, goes to great lengths to promote her music. A burden she believes would be alleviated if she joined a music label.

“If a record label approached me wanting to sign me, I would take the deal because it would take away the big load off my back. But it has to be a very serious record label.” Karole Kasita

On Wednesday night’s Zzina Access Twitter Space session on Galaxy FM, the Balance singer said she would gladly accept a deal from any serious record label.

“Music albums are needed especially now that music is being sold online. We all have plans and sometimes they don’t work out but I am planning on an album in future,” Karole added.

Karole Kasita also revealed her future plans and hinted at a possible music album in the near future if everything goes as planned.

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Doesn’t this sound like good news for her fans? Karole, go for it!

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