Gravity Omutujju is like a dog barking at an elephant – Jose Chameleone’s Father

The entertainment industry is often filled with drama and controversies, and the recent feud between Ugandan singers Jose Chameleone and Gravity Omutujju is no exception. The tension between the two artists has been ongoing for months, with Gravity openly expressing his dissatisfaction with Chameleone.

However, Chameleone’s father, Mr. Gerald Mayanja, has come out to defend his son, saying that Gravity’s grudge against Chameleone is like a dog barking at an elephant. This statement highlights the vast difference in the accomplishments and status of the two artists.

Mr. Mayanja’s comments suggest that Gravity is not on the same level as his son and that he should not dare to criticize someone who has achieved so much in the music industry. However, this kind of mentality can be detrimental to the growth of the industry as a whole.

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It’s essential to note that success in the entertainment industry is subjective and varies from person to person. While Chameleone may have achieved a lot in his career, it doesn’t mean that other artists like Gravity should be undermined. Every artist has their unique style and contribution to the industry, and they should be respected and appreciated for it.

Furthermore, the comparison of Gravity Omutujju to a dog barking at an elephant seems to suggest that he is insignificant and powerless compared to Chameleone. This statement is unfair and dismissive of Gravity’s hard work and dedication to his craft. It’s possible to appreciate and respect Chameleone’s achievements while also acknowledging the talent and contributions of other artists in the industry.

It’s also important to note that as public figures, artists should be mindful of their actions and words. The feud between Chameleone and Gravity Omutujju has not only caused tension between the two artists, but it has also divided their fans. Artists should use their platforms to spread positivity and promote unity instead of engaging in unnecessary conflicts.

Finally, while Mr. Mayanja’s comments may have been made in defense of his son, they reflect a problematic mindset that undermines the contributions of other artists in the industry. As fans and members of the entertainment industry, we should celebrate and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of every artist, regardless of their status or achievements.


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