Gravity Omutujju Celebrates Gwanga Mujje Concert Postponement

Ugandan singer Gereson Wabuyi, better known by his stage name Gravity Omutujju, today took a shot at fellow singer Jose Chameleone after the latter’s concert, Ggwanga Mujje, was called off due to heavy rain and a damaged stage. While Chameleone and the concert organizers decided to reschedule the event for February 24th, Gravity took to social media to mock his rival.

In a statement on his social media accounts, Gravity appeared to address Chameleone and claimed that his God works and that is how he pays. This statement is in reference to their past feud, as Gravity has previously stated that Chameleone failed to support him during his own concert, Tusimbudde.

“KATONDA BWATYO BWASASULA. Mukama Akola,” Gravity Omutujju posted.

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While some fans might be surprised by Gravity’s public shade towards Chameleone, the two have had a tumultuous relationship in the past. Despite this, other Ugandan artists have expressed sympathy for Chameleone and the unfortunate situation at the Ggwanga Mujje concert.

It’s important to note that the music industry is highly competitive, and tensions between artists can sometimes boil over. However, it’s always disappointing to see artists publicly feud and take jabs at each other instead of supporting each other. The music industry is strongest when artists come together and collaborate, rather than tear each other down.

In conclusion, the events at the Ggwanga Mujje concert serve as a reminder that even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry. While it’s understandable that Gravity Omutujju might have some ill feelings towards Chameleone, it’s always better to rise above petty squabbles and support each other in the industry. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

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