Conflict!!! Grace Khan Distances Herself From Baby Illona’s DNA Test

Over the weekend, a video surfaced online showing singer Prince Omar seated outside a baby’s hospital holding a young baby, and it was rumored that he had taken baby Illona of Grace Khan for a DNA test.

However, Khan has now come out and cleared the air about the allegations, stating that she has not given her baby to anyone and requesting that she be kept out of the drama.

“Mikwano no one has taken my baby for DNA …. Kindly don’t listen to some people benonyeza byaabwe me and baby Illona we are home in a very good condition… Ndi wano nyumilwa Sanyu lya muzadde.. njagaana.. Kati abo abawoza nosense wanted to keep Illona out of your cheap popularity,” She said in a WhatsApp status.

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“I have not given my baby to anyone please abo ababisala benonyeza byaabwe … Kindly save my baby out of your drama omwana siwa public,” She added. 

It should also be remembered that Prince Omar denied Grace Khan. He said that he has never been in any relationship with someone by the names of Grace Khan. This brought conflict to the social media in-laws contemplating who the real father is to Grace Khan’s baby. Rumors in addition continued to spread that the baby is for Weasle Manizo. Weasle also distanced himself from the allegations saying that Grace Khan isn’t his type.

Grace Khan Whatsapp screenshots

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