Exploring the Sexual Culture of University Halls: Understanding the Rise of Sexual Activity on Campus

Exploring the Sexual Culture of University Halls

University life is often the first taste of independence for students. However, residing in campus halls can be a bit restrictive, with limited freedom and privacy. Nonetheless, with hormones and curiosity at their peak, a sexual culture emerges within residence halls, leading to all kinds of issues.

When young adults are brought together, with time availability and access, the expectation is that there will be a lot of sex going on. It is no different in university halls of residences, where male students may sneak into female halls, and vice versa, in the late hours of the night.

On the worst nights, fair warnings may be passed out by boys and, sometimes, girls to let their roommates know that they are about to have sex. This means that all roommates have to wait outside the room until the “steaming business” is done.

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While some students may be polite and hesitant, there are others who are eager to experiment and lose their virginity. For them, the necessity of getting sex or the pursuit of sexual conquests will drive them to do whatever it takes to reach their desired destination.

To impress a girl from Makerere or Kyambogo halls, a guy has to do a litmus paper test to determine if he has the “money gene” that tests positive. Many girls have been whisked away to hall bathrooms for quick repayments from their sponsors. The reason for clogged hall bathrooms is often the used condoms left behind after heavy sexual activity.

Sex is not only expected but also legalized in halls of residences, and universities often provide free condoms at the hall entrances. This is a clear indication that they anticipate and want to promote safe sexual habits among the students. After a two-minute coursework discussion with a girl brought back to the hall, the rubber can now come to good use.

It is not surprising that the sexual culture is on the rise, with some guys and girls going nuts or crazy after smoking and engaging in sexual activities. This vice seems to be spreading widely, and one can only hope that the day Jesus intervenes will come sooner rather than later.

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