Banjoman’s Advice to Alien Skin: Be Calculative of Your Public Image

Alien Skin-Banjoman's Advice to Alien Skin

Former Firebase ‘Minister of Defence’, Henry Ssentamu, who is better known as Banjoman, has offered some advice to trending artist, Alien Skin. Banjoman has urged Alien Skin to be cautious of the way he portrays himself in public, as it could potentially come back to haunt him in the future.

At their peak, Firebase Crew artists were known for their violent tendencies, and Banjoman admits that he was part of that profile. However, he has since expressed regret for some of the things they did as younger men, and he uses every opportunity to advise the younger generation about the mistakes he made.

Now a businessman, Banjoman is very critical of the image he portrays in society. He points out that his brother, Bobi Wine, has also had to rebrand himself in order to be more acceptable in the public eye.

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Alien Skin is a trending artist whose image has been compared to that of Bobi Wine when he was younger. He represents the Ghetto, but his brand has been marred with allegations of violence in recent months. On more than two occasions, he has been accused of assaulting bouncers. Most recently, a local music promoter accused Alien Skin of assaulting him while in Makindye. Alien Skin has denied all the allegations.

During an interview with a local YouTuber, Banjoman cautioned Alien Skin to be careful with his public image, as it could potentially cost him in the long run. Drawing from his own experiences, Banjoman advised Alien Skin to clean up his image, stating that while he may be talented and lucky, he needs to add some science to his craft.

“We have been where you are before, I used to be called the Minister Of Defence. You know what that means. It is so important in this earthly life to always calculate what you do and what you say. Some of these things are irreversible. I too made some mistakes, but the things you can change now, please do. Make that reverse.”

Banjoman’s advice is timely and relevant, especially in the current age of social media, where one’s public image can have a significant impact on their career and personal life. It is therefore essential for artists and public figures to be mindful of the image they project to the public. By taking heed of Banjoman’s advice, Alien Skin can potentially avoid any negative repercussions in the future.

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