Crysto Panda Assures Fans About Quitting The Serena Based NTV

As NTV’s T-Nation presenter Crysto Panda prepares to leave the Serena-based media outlet, as previously announced, he has reiterated that he is only doing music for fun.

Crysto Panda made it clear during an interview on Galaxy FM that he does not base his life on music.

“Like I said, I’m not basing my life on music. I’m doing music for fun. I’m leaving #NTVTnation because I want to give an opportunity to another young person just like I was given chance – @CrystoPanda Crysto Panda

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Crysto Panda announced at the start of the year that he would be leaving NTV at the end of 2021 to give other talented young people the same opportunity he was given.

Since the year ended, we are waiting to see if he will keep his word after confirming his intention to quit.

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