Blogger Jajja Ichuli Reveals Secrets Between Diana Nabatanzi’s Juicy Thighs | Video

Blogger Isma Olaxess, also known as Jajja Ichuli, must have learned and forgotten nothing after his loose tongue landed him in hot water.

He’s been fighting court cases for attacking public figures and making slanderous statements during his daily Facebook sessions, but the 58-year-old blogger clearly isn’t learning from his mistakes.

Jajja Ichuli has previously clashed with individuals such as Lucky Mbabazi and OS Suuna, who have had him summoned by authorities, but he manages to jump out of the hot saucepan. He has only slept once behind the coolers of Kitalya’s University Of Understanding.

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Every time Olaxess appears in front of the camera, one, two, or even three people must sneeze! He was on Dianah Nabatanzi’s case Wednesday morning.

In his submission, he revealed that he was madly in love with Dianah Nabatanzi, but that his feelings vanished when it was revealed that the BBS TV star was having an affair with showy tycoon, Lwasa Emmanuel.

Olaxess, who claims to have lost interest in the stunning TV host, revealed how he was able to peep through her short skirts while she hosted him on air. What he saw, according to the white-bearded blogger, impressed him.

“…I used to love Dianah Nabatanzi very much. I was once hosted on her TV show, Kasukali. She has thick and juicy thighs. Every time she laughed, she could loosen up her thighs and I peeped! Honestly I loved Dianah so much but my appetite for her vanished when she served her sumbie to Lwasa, “  Jajja Ichuli said.

Watch Jajja Ichuli cherishing the beauty of female Ugandan TV stars

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