Clash of Talents: Kapa Cat Replies Gravity Omutujju

Singer Kapa Cat, whose real name is Tumusiime Catherine, has responded to fellow singer Gravity Omutujju recent statement about her talent compared to Martha Mukisa’s. Prior to Martha Mukisa’s concert, Kapa Cat expressed her disappointment with the Black Magic singer, accusing her of staging a concert without having a sufficient music catalogue.

During a recent interview, Gravity Omutujju was asked to comment on Kapa Cat’s feud with Martha Mukisa. Known for his frankness, Gravity stated that Kapa Cat’s talent was mediocre compared to Martha Mukisa’s. He emphasized that Martha Mukisa’s lyrical and vocal prowess put her in the same league as Rema Namakula, setting her apart from Kapa Cat.

Gravity’s revelation didn’t sit well with Kapa Cat, who is signed under Untouchable Music Management. She took to her social media platforms, specifically Facebook, to express her frustration. Kapa Cat questioned Gravity’s decision to collaborate with her on their song “Centre” while neglecting to work with Martha Mukisa, whom he claims is more talented.

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This public exchange of words between Gravity Omutujju and Kapa Cat highlights the competitive nature of the music industry. It also sheds light on the importance of recognizing and acknowledging the talents of fellow artists. While Gravity believes that Martha Mukisa’s talent surpasses Kapa Cat’s, it is crucial to remember that each artist brings their unique style and artistry to the table.

The music industry thrives on diversity, and artists should be celebrated for their individual strengths. While comparisons can be made, it is essential to foster an environment of support and appreciation for one another’s talents.

As fans eagerly await further developments in this feud, it is a reminder that music is not just about competition but also about collaboration and the celebration of diverse talents. Only time will tell how these differing opinions will impact the dynamics within the Ugandan music scene.

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