Captain Kasami, Maureen Kabasiita’s Ex-husband, Throws Her Out of the House

The feud between faded singer Maureen Kabasiita and her ex-husband Captain Kasami has only recently erupted and is threatening to spiral out of control.

According to the most recent information we have, Kasami has done the unthinkable and thrown his baby mama out of the house.

The two ex-lovers have been at odds since Kabasiita demanded custody of their children. She accused Kasami of being immoral and engaging in gay sex.

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Kabasiita had previously claimed that Captain Kasami was a voyeur who would pay prostitutes to engage in lesbianism under his supervision.

She also claimed that the military man was heavily involved in the recruitment of young people into homosexual and lesbian acts by luring them with money.

Maureen Kabasiita sought full custody of their children on these grounds, claiming that they could no longer live with such a father.

Kasami has now retaliated by evicting her from her home, claiming that she cannot live under his roof while doing everything in her power to bring him down.

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